How to Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Not Opening Issues


There are a few ways to fix the NVIDIA Control Panel not opening issues on your computer. Generally, this software is a perfect functioning piece of software.

However, sometimes you may encounter an error when trying to open the control panel.

This issue may be caused by a faulty Graphics Card Driver, windows update bug or even a random error.

If this is the case, you need to find a solution that will work for your situation.
Here are some solutions to the problem.

To fix this issue, try updating your graphics card drivers. The NVIDIA Control Panel is only compatible with working drivers.

If your graphics card isn’t working properly, you may need to update its drivers.

How to Update NVIDIA Graphic Card Driver

By visiting the NVIDIA website and downloading the latest version, you can do this. If you can’t access the control panel in the Control Panel, open the Device Manager window. Click the arrow icon next to the Display adaptors folder and select it.


Disable Fast boot option

This may be preventing the NVIDIA Control Panel from opening. To fix the problem, uncheck the “Change startup files” checkbox. Then, open Windows Control Panel and click the Hardware and Sound category.

There, select the Hardware and Sound section and click the Advanced button. You should be able to see the NVIDIA Control Panel again. And if that still doesn’t solve the issue, try Disabling the Fast Boot option.

To fix this issue, you must first make sure that your graphics card’s drivers are up to date.
If your graphics card’s drivers are outdated, your NVIDIA Control Panel won’t open. To do this, open Device Manager and navigate to the “Display Adapters” tab. Right-click and select Update. Then, click the button for your graphics card, and it will now be updated.

Reason Why Not Opening NVIDIA Control Panel

Several reasons can prevent NVIDIA Control Panel from opening. The most common reason is an update for the graphics card. If you have not installed the latest Update for your graphics card, it might be because your computer has not yet received the latest updates. To fix this issue, you should uninstall and reinstall the NVIDIA driver. Then, you’ll be able to access the controls again.


Then, restart the NVIDIA Control Panel by pressing the Windows Key + R. Then, you should see the NVIDIA Control Panel icon on the system tray. In the event the NVIDIA Control Pane is missing, try to open the NVIDIA driver from the NVIDIA folder. You can also try the same procedure for the graphics card. You may be able to access the NVIDIA control panel again.

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