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How to Become an Amazon Affiliate




How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is one of the most highly used e-commerce sites that exist. It is such a popular site that you can create your website and start making money! Become an Amazon affiliateand you can share their products with your audience, and in turn, earn a share of their sales. This blog post will teach you how to become an Amazon affiliate.

What is the Amazon Affiliate program? 

If you want to make money from promoting online, this program is for you.

 You can work with Amazon Associates in addition to all of the other programs offered by the company and start earning for recommending products and services. 

With the Amazon Associate program, you can display banner ads, text ads, and product links on your site, and when a person clicks on that link and then buys a product, you will receive a commission. 

You can also earn money by placing buttons or text links on your site that people can click on to buy products.

 For example, you could be running a blog about home decoration and use text links to point people to to purchase

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a concept in which individuals and brands can promote each other’s products and services. 

Affiliate marketing is set up in such a way that when somebody purchases a product or service through an affiliate link, 

the affiliate will receive a commission for the sale.

 An affiliate does not have to carry the product to be displayed and sold in their store. 

In most cases, the commission offered to the affiliate is “per post,” meaning that the affiliate only earns money when they refer a sale to an online store or physical store.

How to get an Approved for the Amazon affiliate/associate program?

         Ensure which article you produce, and the products you promote are relevant to your niech or subject to your website.

 The main goal is to show excellent value through your content to your audience to click your links and purchase.

    for example, if you want to promote a laptop & computer, the content should be related to the computer & laptop ( like which laptop is best for photoshop ) 

How to Sing – up with Amazone Associates 

 Once you’ve set up your website, then go to amazon associate 

searches on google’s “amazon associate account.”

there you will get two links on the top 

first one is for “”

It is for Indian seller’s Products 


The second one is for “”

for international market 

Click on Sing Up Button


Click on Create your Amazon account

Fill out all the details in the sing up form.

It is a straightforward process, and I don’t want to waste your time explaining it in detail.

After completing the process, 24 to 48 hr you will receive an email from amazon with amazon associate Id.

Next, log in to your portal, select products per your 

website niches, generate an affiliate link, share it through your blog post, banner ads, etc.

When someone reads your article and click your affiliate link, and make a purchase, you will get up to 15 % commission; it depends on your product, what you are promoting, and enjoy your earning 

Amazon associate terms & Policy: How to make secure your Amazon Affiliate Account 

The Associate’s Program Participation Requirements set out the Associate’s Program guidelines. To participate in the program, Associates must comply with Amazon Advertising Requirements and General Disclosure Requirements.

 If it happens to you when you feel that you can make sales, then resubmit your site with your existing user id and password. Don’t create a new account.

If your site goes to suspense, you can’t resubmit your site or application.

You can generate it through your associate portal if you want to shorten your link. 

To know more details, visit their official website:


Anyone purchased a product after 2 months through my website with Amazon affiliate link then can I get paid

Yes you can get paid from Amazon. The Amazon affiliate policy is during 180 days if you don’t generate a sales then you account will be suspended


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