Canva Affiliate Program: Easiest way to Make $500 or More online.


A lot of people are interested in starting their own business. Some want to make more money, others want to be their boss, and some want to share their passions with the world.

 You might be one of those people looking for a way to do what you love and make an income at the same time.

 If that’s you, then keep reading!

This blog post will give you all the information you need to start your own Canva affiliate business. 

What is Canva?

Canva is an excellent tool for non-designers. It allows you to create beautiful images & Websites in minutes, and it’sit’s a great way to get exposure to the design industry. 

 Canva, Inc. hosted Canva by allowing creatives to create images for websites easily. The main goal of Canva is to make image creation easier by providing tools and options for most skill levels and budgets.

The Canva website has been around since 2014, with an update in 2016 that added social networking features to their design tools. In addition, the Canva Facebook page has grown from 100k likes to over 250k followers today.

What is the Canva Affiliate Program?

 The Canva affiliate program is a program through which you can make money from referring prospective customers to Canva.

 To join the Canva affiliate program, you can sign-up on the Canva website.

How to Sign-Up for the Canva Affiliate Program

 #1: Visit the sign-up page for the Canva affiliate program.

 # 2: Fill out the form with your contact information and agree to the terms and click on save

How Much Canva Affiliates Earn?

 Many Canva users have been asking how much money can you earn from being a Canva affiliate. 

It’s a great question because it’s a big decision to sign up for a recurring income. In 2016, Canva reported having paid out a total of $12 million to their affiliates.

 You can easily join the Canva Affiliate Program and start earning commissions on qualifying service or product purchases at no cost

 if you have a website.

 You will receive a commission for each visitor that signs up for your Canva Affiliate link and then any paid plans over the

 Earning Potential for Design Influencers

The Canva Affiliate Program is a fantastic opportunity for design influencers who want to make the most of their design talents, skills and knowledge. 

Designers who use Canva can earn a commission based on their referrals purchases. 

This program is available to anyone who signs up as a member of the Affiliate Program.

 After following the instructions on the website, designers can start earning commissions as soon as they sign up. 

Canva Affiliate Program pays out commission for each purchase made by the customer that the designer refers.

 Designers will earn $10 for the first purchase and $5 for each next purchase.

 There is no limit to the number of referrals and amount of commissions. 

 Earning Potential for Design Educators

Canva is offering a generous affiliate program for designers to have the opportunity to earn commission on their work.

 The company has grown in popularity in recent years, so being an affiliate can offer many opportunities for designers.

 Earnings Potential for Design Educators There are many benefits to being an affiliate with Canva. 

The affiliate program offers: -The opportunity to earn commissions on their work –

A 50% commission on all new referrals 

-A 10% commission on all sales of premium packages 

-A $2,000 referral bonus for new Canva Premium customers Design educators can take advantage of the generous affiliate program and earn commissions on their work. 

If you’re passionate about design, you can use Canva to earn more by sharing our tools with your audience.

If you want to promote your canva affiliate link without fail, you should know how to promote your site. If you don’t understand how to promote your link, getting more referrals and making more money will be challenging.

 Step#1Promote your Canva affiliate link on YouTube.

Canva is a graphic design and photo editing software that’s free and easy to use. 

Create stunning graphics and designs with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

You can promote your Canva affiliate link on YouTube by creating a how-to video on Canva.

Show your viewers how easy it is to use Canva to create designs.

  Show them your favourite templates for their business so they can jump right in and create graphics for their business. 

And adding your affiliate links in your video descriptions. 

Steps #2 – To promote Canva affiliate on your blog

The following are some tips to promote Canva affiliate Link on your blog:-

Create content relevant to your blog and include links to your affiliate links. -Install a blog plugin such as PrettyLink to make linking to the affiliate links easier for you and your readers -Encourage your blog readers to sign up to Canva

Guest posts on other blogs interested in this blog post include information about Canva and provide the affiliate link to the post.

Sep #3 – promote your Canva affiliate on social media

Keyword Optimization: When posting a new blog post or content on social media, it’s essential to use the right keywords.

 Keywords are the words or phrases people search for online, so by including them; you make it more likely for them to find what you have to offer. 

For example, if you are posting a new blog post about social media marketing, including social media marketing somewhere in the post, You also want


Promoting affiliate products and your canva affiliate links on social media sites like Twitter can be a great way to make money online. 

Here are some tips on how to do it. 

– Post a link to your affiliate link on your account, but make sure you never post the link as your only post as it will look like spam.

 – Put a high-quality photo with your affiliate link. People find images much more appealing than text, which often generates better responses.

 – Be willing to share your affiliate link on all your social media. Remember, not everyone will see it, so you have to share it multiple times. 

– Be prepared to use hashtags. You can use hashtags on Twitter to target people interested in


Canva is an online graphic design tool that anyone can use to create graphics for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google. This tool is a freelance graphic design pro’s go-to for easy design! 

Here are a few quick tips for those who want to use this tool but need a little help promoting it.

 1. Give out freebies. Give away a pre-made graphic to a Facebook group or a high-traffic website forum for freebie prizes to get people talking about the tool.

 2. Encourage people to create a graphic Collect a list of hashtags relevant to your business or industry and pair them with a short description on how they can use Canva 


Since Canva became a popular design tool for social media, it’s no surprise that social media has also become a popular promotional tool. Sharing pins on Pinterest and putting your affiliate link can be one of the best ways to promote Canva.

To successfully promote Canva on Printerst, creating engaging, helpful, and shareable content is essential and sharing pins about graphic design or DIY projects. 


Canva Affiliate Program Review

Commission Structure

The commission structure is different for each affiliate partner. The base commission is $10 for each sale, but some partners offer even higher commissions.

 Canva offers 10% commission for up to $100 of sales, 15% commission for $101-500, and 20% commission for $501+.

 Many small businesses face common challenges in creating professional marketing materials,

 for example, creating compelling graphics to promote products and services, designing labels, banners, ads, and creating graphics that combine text and images.

 It’s no surprise that many business owners are turning to graphic design software like Canva. Canva offers a highly easy-to-use graphic design tool that enables anyone to create professional marketing.

3% on annual subscriptions

 Anyone can now make money with Canva by referring them as an affiliate. You’ll make 3% of any annual account subscriptions made after someone clicks your referral link (e.g. they click on your link and then create an account).

 If you ever refer someone to Canva you can get 3% off annual subscriptions. 

This affiliate program offers a lot of benefits, including lower barriers to entry because you don’t have to

 Payout frequency

 The affiliate program for Canva has an excellent payout schedule. They offer payments every 30 days, or you can request payments to be processed by PayPal or bank transfer. 

The payout amount is calculated by multiplying the commission rate and the number of referrals. 

The commission rate is based on Platinum: 10%, Gold: 8%, and Silver: 5%. If you’re looking for a company that pays its affiliates regularly, this program may be a good fit for you.


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