Aweber Affiliate Program Review: The Complete A-Z Guide


AWeber affiliate program provides you with the tools and resources to begin promoting their service and driving traffic to your site through a variety of channels.

In this AWeber affiliate program review, you will learn everything you need to know about this popular company, including details about their programs, features, best practices for success, and more. Keep reading to get all the details!

AWeber Affiliate Program Basics

AWeber is a popular email marketing solution that provides a variety of services and features that allow users to create, send, and track successful email marketing campaigns.

You can use the company’s email marketing software to plan, create, and launch successful email marketing campaigns, as well as track their performance and ROI.

AWeber’s affiliate program allows you to promote their services and earn a commission on new customers that sign up and become subscribers.

AWeber uses a tiered commission structure, so the more new customers you refer, the more money you can potentially earn.

AWeber’s Services

Email Marketing – One of the most popular services AWeber provides is email marketing. This includes email marketing software, templates, and design resources that allow you to create, send, track, and monitor your email marketing campaigns.

Conversion Tracking – Another popular feature of AWeber’s service is conversion tracking, which allows you to track and monitor your lead generati on efforts and see where you are earning traffic and leads from.


Form Tools – AWeber also offers a variety of form tools that make it easy to create beautiful and engaging online forms that bring in leads, increase your sales, and build your email list.

These tools include form fields, drag-and-drop form builders, and integrations with other popular apps.

How to Join With an Aweber Affiliate Program

If you are interested in becoming an AWeber affiliate, you will first want to read their terms and conditions, as well as any other information provided on their website.

The company outlines exactly what you are responsible for and what AWeber will provide to you as an affiliate partner.

Once you have read and understood the program details, you can apply to become an affiliate by clicking the “become an affiliate” link on their website.

Aweber Affiliate Program Commission Rates

AWeber has a tiered commission structure that pays out 30% of each new customer’s first purchase.

The more new customers you refer and sign up for the company’s services, the more money you can potentially earn.

The company has the following commission rates:

New Customers: 30% Commission – The first time a customer signs up for AWeber’s email marketing services, you will earn 30% of their first purchase.

Referral Customers: 25% Commission – If a referral customer signs up for AWeber’s services and makes a purchase, you will earn 25% of that purchase.

Recurring Customers: 25% Commission – If a recurring customer makes their first recurring payment, you will earn 25% of that payment.

AWeber Affiliate Program Offer Walls

AWeber offer walls are another great way to earn commissions with the company’s affiliate program.

You can create an offer wall on your website or blog and invite potential customers to join AWeber’s services.

Each time someone signs up through your offer wall, you will earn a percentage of their first purchase.

Another way to use AWeber offer walls is to create an AWeber offer wall on their site. This allows you to invite other AWeber affiliates to join your offer wall and share their unique affiliate links.

AWeber Platform Partners

AWeber has partnered with other platforms and services to provide even more ways for affiliates to promote their services and earn commissions.

These platform partners include:

Amazon Associates – AWeber has partnered with Amazon Associates, so you can earn commissions on referrals that make purchases on Amazon.

ShareASale – ShareASale is a popular affiliate network where you can search for, join, and promote AWeber’s services.

Commission Junction With more than 10,000 affiliate programs, Commission Junction is one of the world’s leading affiliate networks. You can search for AWeber and join their affiliate program to start earning commissions from one of their popular services.

Viglink – Viglink is an affiliate network that allows affiliates to earn money from inbound links by promoting products from other websites and companies.

You can search for AWeber in Viglink and join their affiliate program to start promoting their services and earning commissions.

Bottom Line

AWeber is one of the top email marketing services and one of the largest affiliate programs in the industry.

If you are interested in promoting their services and earning income as an affiliate, you can apply to become a member through their website.

You can also read through the terms and conditions to learn more about the program and how to best promote AWeber to drive new customers to your site.

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